Going forward.

So, now that I've written all that I'm unsure of exactly where to begin. For now, simply with a list of things that I'm working on (in various states of completion), and in no particular order, but split into two parts, those that are currently 'active' and those that are shelved away in a box awaiting something else (inspiration, a lot of work, or a thorough review).

Active projects:
i) Conclave of Nestorius II
- An Inquisitorial Council [currently numbering six Inquisitors and attendant staff]
ii) Malignant Seven: A vyle representation of a Nurg'l Cultii for Ye Council XIII
-A WHFB Nurgle themed mixed warriors-daemons-beasts army for a joint project at the Cross Gaming Club, London
iii) The Imperiale Army of Okassis
-A Vostroyan based Imperial Guard army, which many of the Conclave of Nestorius II, or their staff, also fit in to
iv) An undead Cutlass! crew;
v) A Dark Eldar Necromunda gang (*more on this later);

Currently on hold:
i) A skaven WHFB army;
ii) A Black Templar army;
iii) 40k Slaanesh daemons;
iv) Blood Bowl Halflings;
v) Several Necromunda gangs;
vi) A Thousand Sons army;

So, sort of a lot going on there (probably a bit too much, to be honest given the nature of my day job[s] and some other stuff going on in my life), as well as writing a Dark Heresy campaign so that we can play once a month, and helping to run the Cross Gaming Club (which I'm not doing very much of at the moment).

Hmm... slightly over-stretching myself there.. I think I need to have a good revision of what's what and sort out some priorities. We shall see.

Anyway, work's pretty crazy for the next few days, but I should get back to my painting table by the weekend and start posting up some images of how things are progressing.

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