Pär Nordlund's Inquisition.

A very nice army showcased here on BoLS yesterday, Pär Nordlund's Inquisition army - a really good mix of ingenious conversions (the Karamazov Imperator is excellent), interesting references (the Leonardo bird-men) and perfect execution.

I'm really struck by the Eversor Assassin, built from a combination of Empire militia parts and some of the Necromunda Redemptionist parts - a really sinister model. You really get a sense of this horrific creature being pumped full of combat drugs and going into full bio-explosive meltdown, and all whilst wearing a very snazzy hat. It's a really nice concept and conversion, and captures that medieval mittel-European 40k aesthetic perfectly.

The full army can be seen here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2011/09/40k-showcase-inquisition-by-par.html (Hopefully BoLS won't crash your browser as it keeps doing to mine, bloody apple.)


  1. Thanks a lot!

    And nice to hear you like my crazy Everzor as well...

  2. Hey, no problem! I didn't even realise that they were yours until you posted that.

    Really nice army, Pär.