Elemental Return.

There's been something of a resurgence in old school creatures over at GW recently: not just the Jokaero in 40k, but the Storm of Magic expansion includes loads of long-ignored creatures like Lammasu, Fimir and even Zoats. Today sees the official unveiling from Warhammer Forge of the first in a series of Elementals, another trope which fell out of the Warhammer world only to be resurrected recently.

These elementals have had something of a conceptual shift, though, and rather than remaining as the four classic high fantasy archetypes of fire, earth, water and air, and the two WHFB additions of the Viydagg and Mardagg, they've been redesigned as being avatars of the eight winds of magic. Quite an interesting concept in itself and it should give rise to some interesting sculpts - I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the Celestial Elemental and the Life Elemental (provided the latter doesn't slip into cliché). That being said, I'm less than enamoured with the Elemental of Beasts, pictured above. I suppose it was quite a difficult design brief, making something look like the essence of raw, bestial energy without it looking like a mythological creature or chaos spawn, but I'm not sure it's worked. I like the clawed arms and the antlered head is a good touch (you can never have enough antlers for my liking), but, uhm, what's it doing?! Breakdancing?

I'm also disappointed by it's loincloth. I know this might sound stupid, but I think it ruins it's character completely - it's supposed to be an avatar of pure primordial rage and animal cunning, why the modesty? My sex life's not very exciting at the moment, admittedly, but I'm not suggesting that it should have everything flapping around to induce a cheap thrill in me, I just think it's a poor design decision and that level of discretion to circumvent any possible complaint could have been achieved in a much more subtle way.

Anyway, it's up for sale on the Forgeworld website as of today, and is priced at £45  - pretty reasonable given it's size.



  1. Celestial Magic doesn't exist anymore, the 8 Elementals they are going to make will be for Fire, Death, Beasts, Metal, Shadow, Heavens, Light and Life.

  2. Sorry - yes, I meant Heavens, or Azyr, if you like (same difference) :)

  3. It looks a bit pants overall, this here beast. I agree with Tim on the skull and the clawed hands. They look great. The rest just upsets me a bit. Particularly the feet. Also the hair on the shoulders should look more graduated and not like it has a defined edge like like a dodgy indie haircut.

  4. Yes, the back feet and fur seem particularly clumsy.