Further Blanchitsu.

Once, it was nigh-on impossible to find decent images of John Blanche's miniatures, but of late, and seemingly largely inspired by Brian Nelson's amazing plastics and a ground-swell of interesting hobbyists, images are being sent thick and fast direct from the man himself to his friends on various blogs.

Today sees another of his Nurgle Lord conversions, hosted over on the excellent Tears of Envy blog and reposted below. Again, just superb. The colours in the flesh are really gnarly making it seem really burnt and scabrous.

Nurgle Mutant, John Blanche, 2011, c/o - Tears of Envy
(Again, I have no right or permission to share this image and do so with respect; if JB or Tears of Envy would like it removed, please just let me know).

If you're not familiar with Tears of Envy, I really recommend this excellent blog, crammed full of eclectic information and inspiration. You'll probably be familiar with the design work that they've also undertaken for John Blanche in the past (I think they designed both Luxmundi and the Femme Militant sites) and the atmospheric design of Black Scorpion's Cutlass! rulebook.


  1. I really enjoy seeing these sinister and imposing characterful conversions. Truly horrible. It's immense.

  2. They're just brilliant; it sounds daft, but I can't begin to express my love for JB's output - I became obsessed with his drawings when White Dwarf published the rules for Confrontation, the Necromunda prototype; I'll probably write a longer post on these at some other point:

    They're just pure 40k to me; they absolutely seized me and dragged me into this horrific setting in a way that I'd never experienced before and still maintain that grip to this day. He's just incredible.

  3. Hmm, I wonder if John was inspired by Migsula's work when he made that conversion...

  4. Hi Malika,

    Yeah - I think JB said as much at the time; well, he mentioned something about being influenced by Migs's output a short time ago, and mentioned getting a second Nurgle Lord, so it's very possible. Do you think it resonates a lot, then?

  5. The same model, the bionics, heavy weapon guy, big gun, multi barreled gatling gun.

    It's not a bad thing though, I think it very cool to see how fans who are inspired by JB manage to inspire the master himself! :)

  6. Indeed yes; I think he even said that he should stop looking as he was becoming so influenced :) It's very flattering for Migs, too, no? I think I would die if I were to be informed that I'd influenced JB.

    Ironically, I've also given that model a heavy weapon - although this time an implanted heavy flamer; I think it's something to do with the static nature of the model that it suits that kind of weaponry. Or maybe we're all just highly derivative :)