Master Blanchitsu.

So, life got a little busy. At work we're working flat out to finish some paintings for this year's Frieze art fair, and I've been having to put in the overtime: some days leaving the house at 6am and not returning home until midnight. Needless to say, coming home from such a long day of painting hasn't left me with much energy to do anything, especially any further painting.

That being said, though, I've been chipping away a little more on the Conclave of Nestorius II, specifically one of the Inquisitor that's closest to completion - the radical Xenos Ibn Hassan and his team of five acolytes. I should get some WIP photos and their background up this weekend. I'm much happier with this group than I am with Inquisitor Lord di Orphée, the WIP photos of whom I've removed until I'm a little more satisfied with him.

I've not really had much internet access over the past ten days or so, either, but what a joy to return to my (usually daily) blog reading and come across this over at Spiky Rat Pack - more new miniatures from the Master himself, Mr. John Blanche. Following on from the coup over at Legion of Plastic last month and acting as a kind of prelude to next month's release of The Emperor's Will, these miniatures are truly great examples of JB's output and unique style of miniature painting. It's been very rare to see any of JB's miniatures for quite some time now, so this flurry of recent images have been really welcome - I particularly like the astropath/magus in the death mask, and the converted Cairn Wraith, really glorious.

Please note, I have no rights or permissions to share this image, but do so with respect - if anyone at Spiky Rat Pack would like me to remove it, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. 

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