Something curious is afoot over at Tears of Envy:

What is this =][=munda Leviathan project? A packaging of the unofficial Inquisimunda rules that have been worked on and collated over at DakkaDakka? Something more official than that? It's worth noting that interest in the system has been at fever-pitch with quite a few of the head creatives at GW for some time now, and Tears of Envy have worked on secret projects for luminaries like John Blanche in the past.



  1. What's Inquisimunda? Do you have a link to the DakkaDakka thing? I'm very interested . . .

  2. Hello James.

    There are myriad different =][=mundas, really, but I'll give you a brief overview as best I can from my own experiences:

    =][=Munda is a 28mm scale Inquisitor-Necromunda conflation. It works as a fairly free-form narrative based skirmish game, usually pitting rival Inquisitors and their attendant retinues against one another, although it often includes other Imperials or adversaries. It emerged in several different places at the same time, mostly due to people not having any appropriate terrain or enough desired miniatures to play Inquisitor in 54mm and instead choosing to play in 28mm (which became known in forum parlance as Inq28).

    Some players adopted the Necromunda ruleset for use instead of using the full Inquisitor rules and that slowly became the more established ruleset. =][=Munda mostly keeps the inquisitor 'narrative skirmish' form of gameplay at it's core, though, and utilises the Inquisitor 'lack of points values' edict, whereby players instead choose to define the stats, abilities and equipment of their gangs according to the back-story of their gang and by mutual consent.

    Some players have chosen to compile and codify the rules into a more comprehensive and cohesive ruleset, however, through a discussion on DakkaDakka (and elsewhere) - which you can see here:

    I heartily recommend all the separate blogs linked in the opening post on that page, too.