This year's been particularly interesting for me as far as wargaming (and the wider milieu that accompanies it) is concerned - most notably because of the connections that I've made with several people dotted around the world through either this blog or through their own blogs. Some of these connections have sparked long conversations on the nature of modeling, gaming and painting, as well as some of the finer aspects of GW mythology, whilst others have been more a distant but constant source of inspiration in the breadth and depth of the talent on show, or their relentless output, or their insatiable desire to live a full and interesting life (within the hobby and without). Coupled with some of the excellent chaps at the club and some much older friends, I've been really spoiled for inspiration and discourse.

Migs, Malika, Tony, TamTam, Neil, JRN, James S, izeColt and countless others that I will have accidentally overlooked have really invigorated my thirst for gaming. It's also been a real pleasure to converse with JB. Thanks to you all for doing what you do.

Happy new year and I wish you all a productive and successful 2012.


  1. Happy new year to you too man! I haven't really posted in my blog. I should start doing that some more to get some interesting discussions going to inspire you guys! :)

  2. Gelukkig nieuwjaar, Malika. Yes! Please do - anything but necrons :)

  3. Hey Fulgrim , Its been a real pleasure chatting to you to mate, quite looking forward to seeing you put some of your modding stuff on here too. Its been a pretty intereseting year , and i am quite hopeful to see some truly groundbreaking work this year.

  4. Yes, you too, Neil. Happy new year.

    I realised (well, it was pointed out to me) that I hadn't got round to posting any images of my own miniatures yet. Haha - oops. Will get round to that forthwith.

  5. By 'eck tha's been busy on this here blog over the last few days, thee.

    Cheers for the inspiring drunken discussions, and the much needed encouragement!!