Smart Max Winter Painting Contest.

Some of you may be interested in this; if you don't know Smart Max, I really recommend that you check out both their Smog 1888 and Mauser Earth ranges of miniatures - some absolutely glorious sculpts (particularly the work of Jacques-Alexandre Gillois).

I may even enter this myself - the Fu Manchu Smog miniature looks like it'll be a dream to paint.

Details follow after the jump:

Smart Max is pleased to announce their WINTER Painting Contest :)

The rules

1. Miniatures entered in the contest must belong to our Smog or Mauser Earth ranges and must have been painted between December the 22nd 2011 and March the 15th 2012.

2. You can modify your miniatures as you please as long as you only use Smart Max parts or sculpt what your imagination needs.

3. You are to provide Smart Max with HQ photos of your creations. Send them to

4. By entering the contest, you allow Smart Max to use photos of your creations.

5. You can enter your creations from now and until March the 15th 2012.

6. The winning creations will be announced on March the 21st 2012, that is to say the day we'll launch our SPRING Painting Contest :)


The Contest is 100% ONLINE. The jury will be made of talented artists involved in Smart Max's projects.

What's to win ?

The winner will receive 200€ of Smart Max miniatures of his or her choice.

Plus... Three contestants will receive 100€ of Smart Max miniatures of their choice.

Any question ? Contact us !



  1. Lovely minis , i don't think my painting talents will get me beyond the entrance gates though .

  2. Nonsense, Neil. You should certainly try.