Remake. Remodel.

I've had to make a bit of a difficult decision this week: due to the sheer amount of other things going on in my life (outside of wargaming), I've decided to step down from the committee of the wargaming club that I've been helping to run for several years here in London, as well as close my Dark Heresy campaign and withdraw from several other campaigns that I was taking part in. I've just had to face up to the sad, but unsurprising, realisation that I just can't do everything and something has had to take a back seat.

It probably sounds a bit silly but I'm been feeling pretty glum about the decision, even if I do appreciate how necessary it was to make: I've put a lot of work into the club both in front-of-house operations and behind-the-scenes labour and I've come to genuinely love the place and the people there. Many gaming clubs can be hot-beds of awkwardness, competitive one-upmanship and barely socialised dorks but the club that we've helped grow over the past few years has been the opposite of that: mature, friendly, fun, well-equipped and maintained. This has taken an immense amount of work to bring into being, though, and I can no longer devote several evenings per week and a couple of hours per day in helping to run or organise the place. Wargaming and miniature painting has to return to being an enjoyable hobby and a much-needed way to relax rather than another job, so something has had to give - albeit with a heavy heart.

I'll continue with this blog as I need some kind of forum for discussion and somewhere to show off my miniatures or share my thoughts, but it'll probably become a bit more erratic as to how often it gets updated: I was going to try for one update per week, but that kind of arbitrary pressure is what I'm trying to avoid, so updates will instead just come as and when.

Anyway, now off to do some work.


  1. If it feels ready, post it. otherwise it's not "you".

    Chin up chap.

  2. I know where your coming from mate, when hobby becomes unpaid work, time to take a break. still keep an eye out for your updates though . The gaming club sounds really enjoyable though , shame I live up north.

  3. The updates will continue: have no fear.