I got your picture, hanging on the back of my wall.

Nice of Forge World to put me in the corner of their new, awesome, Space Crusade style corridors of death battleboard:

What a snazzy piece of kit this is: it looks like it'll link up nicely with the Imperial Strongpoint tile giving a cool inside-outside narrative dimension to a game of 40k. And it'll be perfect for =][=Munda. At £90 for a 2'x2' corner of the board, I think it's priced pretty well, too.

This weekend I'm determined to do some painting so this blog doesn't simply turn into a weekly FW advert. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck.

    I like them too - though feel one would need more than just 4 tiles to have a proper amount of space for a good 'munda game. Suddely 90 quid turns into 180 and it isn't so pretty anymore.

  2. Yes, I thought that at first, but what swayed me about this is that you can buy each section piece by piece to keep expanding the sector. In the end, you'll end up spending a bit, but if you do so over a year or longer then it's not so bad.

    This is the model that they should have taken with the Realm of Battle board: selling it as one item, but also selling each individual 2'x2' piece on their own meaning that people could 'collect' a board.

    Oh, and ta! ;)

  3. It is also my intention to pick up a brush again this weekend. Had an absolute killer of a week at work, and man-flu too. It's the worst type.

    These corridors look ace though. Let me know when you put your order in, as I miht want some doors for my rhino...

  4. great looking board , makes a good addition to the gw scenery too , i would have preferred more rooms and corners like the space crusade board , but the robustness does lend a solid 40k atmosphere. cant wait to see some others painted up .

  5. Yeah, although there are plans to make more tiles with further rooms in apparently.

  6. Good game last night... so close.