Life in the Imperium (8).


  1. Hey mate , great pics , i have some very similar to the tribal pic , i keep meaning to post em up but, keep getting distracted ;-), also nice heads up on the forgeworld model.

  2. I've been wondering where you were - I think you're the only person who gets these posts.

    Yeah the colours in the first photo are incredible; I've been thinking a lot about the colours of the ash wastes again recently and this image seemed perfect. My guardsmen are very dark and my Nurgle warriors quite drab, so I've been thinking about tackling colour somehow - and this might be an interesting way to do it. That or the Basilisk, which is described as being really bright, almost like a large lizard, I suppose.

  3. Oooh colour ! the ash wastes guys would look great all reds and yellows and primaries , i thought about doing the trader as a blue man of the desert . like a tallern. face paints would be a cool addition too. How is the progress comming on the ash waste guys .?

  4. Yeah, it's these couple of paragraphs from the old Confrontation rules that always grabbed me:

    "The ash wastes are mostly composed of metal oxides, powdered plastics and inorganic chemicals which take millennia to reduce. As with many hive worlds, the wastes are an inhospitable environment. The ash corrodes equipment and poisons organic life, although a surprising variety of creatures do survive. No unpolluted air, food or water can be found in these dead lands, although there are fungi, algae and bacteria which live on the waste itself. These are believed to be responsible for the limited free oxygen content of Necromunda's atmosphere.

    The ash wastes are a striking and colourful if somewhat lurid environment. The nomads of the waste and even most hive-dwellers who see them would call them beautiful. The ash occurs in many different, often vivid hues such as sulphur yellow, citric green, cobalt blue, pink, mauve, as well as various shades of grey, and it varies in texture from fine dust to crystalline clinker. The creatures and nomads that live there are equally colourful, the better to blend into their surroundings."

    I re-read them recently and had forgotten that they look like that, imagining them instead to be like the kind of ash we're used to - a burnt paper grey, rather than really vibrant.

    They're not coming on so well at the moment (well, hey've stalled a bit). Got some work to do this month (which I'm not currently doing!) but once that's done, then I can get back on with them. Should crack on with them through March.