Further clearout:

More spring-cleaning induced clearing-out this week over on the devil's jumble sale. This week, loads of Skaven stuff on sprues that I never got round to completing (sigh!) - including a ridiculous unit of 90(!) giant rats. More stuff to go up this weekend including the Black Templars and Space Hulk... sadly, they have to go as I seriously need to downsize and can't justify having six or seven different projects on the go.

Some rats leaving a sinking ship...

Things are all a bit up in the air in Fulgrimland at the minute (not least as it looks like my house is falling down around my ears, which is a bit of a bugger) but it'll all resolve itself. This weekend: a game against Tony tomorrow and some work on my =][=28 warband for Liverpool in May.


  1. Sad to hear about the house good sir. Sad too, that you are getting rid of your Skaven-goodness when my hobby budget for the now is at a grand $0.... :(

    Get some pics up with your progress on your =][=28 stuff puh-lease?

  2. Yeah, it's a bit of a pisser. Have been here for a long time, and in that time the rents in this city have rocketed.

    I will do, don't worry - just figuring out exactly who is and isn't in the warband and will continue building this Sunday.

    Ah, soz about the Skaven, too - are you collecting them?

  3. In a VERY slow fashion, yes. Had a hankering for the old Jes Goodwin sculpts and then for WFB and next thing I knew decided to start an army. Stupid thing is, I don't have anyone to play against, nor time to play!
    But I have around 10 minis, newer plastic and 80's now and will paint them "sometimeorother". :)

  4. Haha! That's exactly what I did - I started off by buying Grey Seer Gnawdoom (one of my all time favourite miniatures), and then started buying back all the Jes sculpts that I had when I was a child and subsequently parted company with (some globadiers, certain character models) - next thing I knew I owned a 3,000 point army!

    I've kept all the Jes sculpts and will add them to some Island of Blood bits that I have and make a small warband - but I can't justify keeping hold of another army that needs so much attention. And I'm never going to get round to painting 3k worth of rats :) Especially given that I've played one game of WHFB in about two years or so.

  5. Just been researching those early sculpts ,i loved the two man teams . great rat collection there , might even put in a bid myself , been feeling a pied piper dio recently .

  6. Yeah, the two-man teams are brilliant: the jezzail teams have never been equalled.

    Do you know the Stuff of Legends website, Neil? Many an hour spent reminiscing on there. Here's the Skaven pages from the old GW catalogue:


  7. There the ones ! I do know that site its so cool , its where I was researching actually , I hadn't realised, that Mr Goodwin had such a history with the skaven , listened to an interview with him given by Jervis Johnson on the gw website , was quite frankly fascinating


    led me to the old citadel journal page


  8. Ah, so brilliant - the first Throt the Unclean was superb.

    Andy Chambers is always Mr.Skaven in my mind. I think one of the first White Dwarfs I picked up had his 3k army in - it was stunning, a bit indiscernible mass of rats, millions of the buggers. And a really long, winding interesting article about why he loved them. Glory days.