Inq28: Nottingham Pilgrimage.

I'll write a more comprehensive writeup over the next few days, but today's INQvitational, organised by Mol over at Inq28 was a real sensory overload - absolutely superb in every way: well run, friendly, and impressive in ambition, design, conception and execution. It was a real joy to meet a number of people I've spoken to through various different forums and to spend the day hanging out and helping to muddy the waters of the Helios Succession - not only that, but being asked to do so using the miniatures of one of my all-time painting heroes, Jakob Rune Nielsen.

Thanks to everyone that had a hand in organising the day - your efforts are seriously appreciated and I look forward to many more meet-ups in future. Special thanks to Neil and Peter for being as friendly, funny and welcoming in real life as online.

Great stuff.


  1. I SO would have wanted to be there! Too bad my personal life is currently under turbulense. Well, Rat Pack will hopefully participate in the next big INQ28 happening.

    So glad to hear that everything went so well.

  2. Thank YOU for making the day as fun as it was! You've brought the Heretic Velk* to life in a way that Inquisitor really encourages. I do have some ideas for your future retinues as well.

    It was awesome to meet you.

    *not a Heretic...

  3. Nice! I hope you can provide suitable pictures and write-ups galore for those of us who can only stand and drool and whine like puppies that such events are so far away. :)

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