Inq28: Part 2.

The Helios Conclave, c/o - Marco Skoll (what a sight!)

Following my report from earlier this week, I thought I'd put up some more photos from the Inq28 meet-up last Saturday. A fairly random assortment today, many of which may not be so great but should give a fairly good impression of some of the quality miniatures and terrain provided by the participants.

Some quick snaps of some the assembled personae:

 I think Neil's Famorian Techpriest (above) was one of my favourite miniatures from the day.

The wretched Techpriest slithering after Velk. The cunning Velk evaded him by climbing a ladder.

The tables provided were stunning - so much work had gone into these things:

The graveyard was my favourite.

Finally, some in game shots:

A blurry Velk awaiting entry to the graveyard to 'negotiate' with Stheno. 

 Velk's bodyguards.

The excellent graveyard.

Following the assassination of Inquisitor Madine, Velk dashes into the underhive; momentarily caught in Vendrake's searchlights. 

 The downed Inquisitor Helsmark.
 One angry bound psyker. 
Checking that the coast is relatively clear, Velk makes his desperate bid for freedom.

Quickly outwitting the remnants of Helsmark's retinue and leaving Vendrake and his minions far behind. 


  1. After reading the Ammobunker forum batreps for this event, it was cool to see these images to match up to the cool descriptions.

    I'm building a graveyard too.... had planned to for a long time, even got the wife to buy me Garden of Morr for Christmas and recently got a Warhammer Chapel. The game board I'm planning will be somewhat bigger than the one in your pictures though, with hills dotted with gravestones and a few more trees.

    Damnit, I'm rambling again.

  2. Ramble away!

    The graveyard table above is 2'x2' and was made from two gardens of Morr, iirc. Everything was built into the gaming board meaning that everything was fixed - this worked particularly well for the larger scatter pieces as their paving slabs were recessed, making them actually look like paving. I'd be interested to see which direction you decide to take yours in, though, as I've been trying to figure out the best way to unify everything without it taking up too much space.

    Now I'm rambling!