Update from the painting table.

 Not much to report this week, but here's a small update of things from the painting table. The Inquisitor warband has had conversions started on some of it's members - the Inquisitor herself has had some repairs to her cloak and dress and the Magistrate's new head is coming along. The group have been joined by their penultimate member, who you can see in her raw form in the background - an Imperial lady-in-waiting/Slate Agent.

And here she is mid-conversion. Still needs work, obviously but she's coming along quite well, I think. I made a bit of a mistake whilst shaving mould lines off the syringe, so it looks a bit wonky and bulbous but I was thinking of changing that to a lho stick inhaler anyway to go with her goblet of amasec.

 I also picked up a water well and town square from the excellent Tabletop World a few weeks ago and they arrived this week. These are for my burgeoning Fantasy table and for some medieval set =][=. These things are of such an incredibly high quality I couldn't recommend them more and I'll definitely be going back for some more of their larger buildings when I get some cash in my pocket.

Speaking of Warhammer Fantasy, I got round to assembling and filling the Curs'd Ettin I bought from this year's Salute. What a glorious beast this thing is. Didn't require to much work to make him fit comfortably together, too. I've not put any of my Fantasy miniatures on this blog yet - I've been slowly building a Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army for some time loosely based around the ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin. The Ettin fits perfectly as a Gargantua/Pantagruel figure in the army. I'm looking forward to trying to paint that much flesh as it should be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully I should get him undercoated tomorrow. 

 And finally, a sneak peak of something else I've been working on for an event later on this year. More on this chap later, but I like where he's going, so thought I'd put up a quick image to whet appetites.


  1. Looks really promising.
    Love the last guy!

    1. Thanks Pär! Yeah, he looks even better from a couple of other angles but I don't want to reveal too much of him (or his accomplices) until the time is right.

  2. Holy crumbs that is a lot of stuff. (for you :P )

    Loving the =][= conversions lots and lots. Girl with braid tho looks like she has a really long neck as she is though.

    Tabletopworld stuff is "teh sh1t". I want their graveyard so much, but $150 to get it shipped to me is a little out of my budget.

    SO happy you are working with that amazingly sculpted Ettin. My fav of ALL the WHForge sculpts to date. Have you seen this Nurgle converted one? Have watched it's prgress from birth. http://www.coolminiornot.com/307994?browseid=1990094

    Sneak peak has me intrigued sir. :)

    1. Haha - you cheeky bugger! You're right, though, it is - had some time on my hands.

      Yeah, she does at present, although I think that's mostly down to the blu-tac holding her together; she fits neatly into her ruff which balances her slightly.

      I'd love some of their other buildings at some point, but they're well out of my price bracket at the moment; eventually, though. I bought the well and the town square almost as a quality test before chucking any more money at them. They're so well crafted, it's amazing.

      The Ettin is brilliant! He's such a characterful sculpt - and his skin texture is great. Really leathery and awful. I think the CMON conversion has lost a bit of that, if I'm honest. It's a great achievement, don't get me wrong, but I think if you compare the distended stomach with the texture of the unaltered foot you'll see what I mean.

  3. Awesome conversion of that Dark Eldar figure. Where did the drink and hypo come from?

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, removing the ruff from the torso was a bit tricky but I think it's definitely helped. The drink is from Isabella Von Carestein and the hypo is from Urien Rakarth.

  4. Hey fulgrim, really nice to see more of of your mini collection , i particularly the slate agent .. so baroque .. good head choice too .. the Gargantua and Pantagruel eh ! I good stuff..
    I remember researching that a while back along with Machiavelli's the Prince .. cant go wrong with the work of a perceptually drunk philosopher.. nice to see the other minis in the background..

    will we ever see you fantasy army I wonder..?

    and thanks for the the scenery heads up.