A brief step outside of the hobby itself today for a quick question: is it just me or can blogger be a bit erratic? Certain comments disappear, or emerge long after the time they were posted, the 'my blogs' section of the home page seems to pick and choose which updates to show at will, and when I sign up to follow other blogs, it chooses either my Fulgrim mask or my linked google profile at random.

It could be the settings that I have on my computer, I'm unsure, and it's a pretty inane question, I suppose, but it's becoming a minor gripe.


  1. No it's not just you, I believe I've had things disappear from my comments section before.

    Also had my blog roll refuse to let me access blogs I follow too.

    I've seen others mention they've lost posts sometimes.

    Thankfully it's rare and otherwise I've not experienced any serious problems.

  2. Have exactly the same experiences from time to time. Good thing I can handle the lack of reading material.... no really... I can?

  3. Hrm, I'm glad it's not just me (or my computer) in that case, then: still, mildly annoying.