Yggdrassilium Pilgrimage - pt.4: Games.

 I was supposed to be in Bath at the English Heretic AGM today but the idiots at First Great Western decided not to have any relief drivers working so I'm stuck in London. Instead, I'll post up the fourth and final report from last Saturday's meeting in Nottingham. Today, a final few shots of the gangs on the terrain in lieu of any more structured battle reports. First, though, I just wanted to emphasise how much of an honour it was to take part in the day's games - we were really spoilt by Neil's terrain and especially by being John's guests - this kind of invite doesn't come round every day and it was a real treat. I'm flattered that the others saw something worthwhile in me to invite me along and I just wanted to say thanks. Anyway, without further ado, on to the first of the two games.

We'd agreed to play a variant of the Necromunda rules system, with each gang having up to 1400 points to spend on building the gang, along with a couple of other buffs to some gangers, and a lack of restrictions on hiring. The games were set on a vast space hulk, drifting eternally in and out of real-space - a craft so old and so huge that it's inhabitants had no idea they were even on a ship, or what a ship was... I'm going to write more about the setting at a later date as I outline my gang more, but it's a glorious idea, and allowed the scope for players to introduce any elements they had wanted. I'd decided to use a gang based around a house of 'devolved Navigators' using the Outlanders rules for Wyrd Telekinetics. Although my gang came in just short of 1100 points and were mostly built using what miniatures I had to hand, they ended up being a bit of a brutal list and I'm going to change them up a bit in time for February.

In the first game, Jon, John and I played on Neil's board in a three-way rumble. My gang got to deploy first, so set up defending the Yggradsilium tree, one man with his heavy stubber stationed in the tower. Jon and John's gang's set up on the opposing board, either side of the sump river,  thankfully close enough to each other to begin trading shots from the outset. The first of my navigators shuffling forward to hide behind a bulkhead under the watchful cover of his gang:

The second navigator shuffles forward through the gloom, un-noticed by the opposing forces:

The last of the three Navigators leads out a group of men, eager to slay the pilgrims and deliver their heads to the Pandoricalle:

Scuttling out from hiding, my leader lies in wait to ambush the interlopers, finding (and despatching) one intrepid fool who raises the alarm, bring more forward more - Jon's crusade quickly realising that they are beset on all sides: 

On the far side of the board, John's Pit Slaves start to make a dash to close with the encroaching Yggdrassilium defenders. The attendant Navigators make short work of the invaders, crushing one under his own weight, and knocking several in succession to their doom in the mire below:

Spying the Navigators below, the servo drone passes over:

John's Pit Slaves clash in a bloody duel with Jon's leader:

My ambushing leader rushes in for the kill on Jon's downed gangers, sending the survivors fleeing for their lives. Terrified by the unseen mental assault on the far side of the board, John's leader orders his gang to retreat, too - no gifts for the Pandoricalle from the pilgrims this day:

In the afternoon, all five of us decided to play on the same board, in an all-out assault on the passage to the Yggrassilium. I only got a few shots before the game ended. My gang, as seen from above, consulting with the Pandoricalle in it's hovel. Concerned about the intrusion of beasts most foul, she sought the Navigators despatch the horrors:

One Navigator seemed entirely unaware of the monster stalking through the gloom: 

The servo-drone, alerted by the green robes of the foreign invaders, turned it's lights on to Jon's gang, momentarily blinding them:

The heavy in the tower tries in vain to fell the approaching mutant, jamming his gun in the process: 

The mutant closes in on the Yggdrasilium sapling: 

That's the final post from the weekend; thanks for taking a look through. Sorry the blog's ben so quiet in the lead up to this, but hopefully some regularity in posting should now start to return. Next up, at the start of November I'll be making a return trip to WHW to continue with the Inqvitational meeting from June, so I'll be working on my small group of Inquisitorial agents to attend that - pictures shortly; then I'll outline some more details on my devolved Navigators and the Yggdrassilium setting.


  1. Another great write up , I wondered happened between your game with John and Jon.. now I know ;-) really well documented day from you mate.. going to have to add another report on opus at some point involving the clash between me and Pete.. So glad you decided to participate.. Really look forward to seeing your Inqusisiy dudes in Novemember. I am sure we are all thankful to John for asking us to participate ..

    too bad about your day out though mate .. :-(

  2. Cheers Neil. Yeah, stupid bloody train operators. I was really looking forward to that, too - never mind.

    Are you definitely coming in November?

  3. Majestic stuff. Thanks again for sharing, Fulgrim!

  4. You not playing Velk again in November?

    1. I am, yes, although only for the first (large) game; he still technically belongs to JRN so I'm just acting as custodian again. In the second game, I'll be using some of my own operatives and introducing them into the setting.

  5. Daymn!
    Stuff of legends!
    I really wish that someday spiky rats from finland could take physica form in some of these Inquisitional meetings!
    This is really wonderful thing you got there!

    1. Hey, no reason why you guys couldn't; we could easily arrange a day of gaming with you at some point next year.

  6. Wow, Wyrds really kick arse in Necromunda.

    Good write up mate. Looking forward to seeing those INQ figs.

  7. Dai - Tim's Wyrds did pretty well for him but it was down to the luck of the dice as to what powers you get.

    My Wyrd got defensive powers invisibility and nullify power (which she failed to do every time!)were as Tim and Neil got some nice offensives powers. Tim's hunched Wyrd just loved knocking enemies off walkways.

    The last game was such fun and at least we know how to do it next time....and expect to do it in style!

    Tim buddy I have thoroughly enjoyed your four write ups thank you.

    Really looking forward to the February write ups now:-)

    What is the English Heretic btw?


    1. Thanks Peter. Didn't quite realise how much there was to talk about!

    2. @ Peter - thanks for the further clarification sir. Think I need to go set up a game now - all this wonderful write ups are getting my gaming glands going. :)

    3. Yeah, I can't begin to say how much all of this has reinvigorated my love of so many different bits of the hobby.

  8. Yep, was good to see your write-up of events Tim - cheers!

    The pile of John's pit slaves that one of your wyrds made in the first game by pushing them off the same bit of ledge was pretty amusing, you had to feel for the guy at the bottom!

    I suspect that, over the course of the day, Tim's leader was the most brutally efficient character, quickly putting paid to 3 of my gang and doing for one of Peter's in the afternoon game. He's one to watch in February, definitely...

    And it did seem that the illuminatore-byrde took a liking to my gang's robes, it was good that the Shantyman got some use from his bionic eye though!

    1. Yes, it was a bit of a cheesy list, really - accidentally so rather than any beardy planning, but I think for February I'm just going to have Wyrds: I'll dig out the old Confrontation rules and utilise those rules for Psyker gangs, see what they suggest.

      Peter has informed me that the eviscerator-weilding leader has drowned in the sump!

  9. Tim the joy of being token GM :-p Oh and since last weekend I have let the power go to my head.

    Other than him being hideous he just didn't seem to fit you gang. I assumed that floaty bloke would make a more appropriate gang leader for your navigators.

    The other thing I am considering is changing flamers where they have to roll to hit and only missing on a 1. Makes them a little less predictable(also them more like Inquisitor).

    1. Yes, I thought that but hadn't figured out how to make one of the Wyrds a leader: as said above, though, I'm going to go in the opposite extreme and use the Confrontation rules - possibly even with random weapons/ammo/equipment and see what happens. I quite like the idea of six wyrds (and no-one else) in a gang - I might playtest them and see how it works out; some of them may have to have minor powers only.

  10. Hey Tim - looks like you had an awesome Pilgrimage! The models fit really nicely with the gaming boards and blend in very well.