Yggrassilium Pilgrimage - part 2: Blanchitsu.

Rub a dub dub, thirteen men in a tub!

 Time for the second in my reports from last Saturday's adventures at WHW. Today, I wanted to share some Blanchitsu from the man himself as well a few other pieces from the day. John had brought a gang that he'd been working on to use in the game, but had also commandeered one of the display cabinets in the gaming hall to display some of the recent glut of new miniatures directly influenced by that Blanchian style. It was a hobbyist's dream, to be honest - so many exceptional miniatures. 

First up, some shots of John's gang:

Do not go round the corner!

 I love the skull face on the mask on the chap second from the right. 

 Stunning face on this pit fighter.

 This chap was one of my favourites - every gang needs an old man with a stick! As John said, he's the opposite of a Space marine, really. Shame his face came out a bit blurry in the photo.  

John's also been working on some larger scale miniatures recently. We saw his take on the Ettin some time ago courtesy of Steve Buddle. This malformed horror was based on one of the FW Plague Ogryns. For some reason, it decided to pick on my poor Wyrds all game! I hadn't realised until closer inspection that it still has a man-sized torso and arms! 

Just a few photos of some of the work by other people in the cabinet. There were some incredible things on display which I've decided not to share as footage of them will become available soon - needless to say, they'll be well worth the wait: Julian Bayliss has created *the* best all-female gang I've ever seen. It is amazing. Also present were some beautifully painted miniatures by Tammy over at Tears of Envy - completely different again in style from John, Julian, Peter PDH (all again different to one another) but all truly gothic. Tammy's miniatures had a soft, almost powdery quality to them. Quite eerie.

It was a joy to see these in the flesh - the incredible, incredible work of Kari and Mikko at Spiky Rat Pack. 

And this! Neil's 'box on a stick' - a brilliant realisation of a Blanche drawing. Top stuff. 

 And finally: the most grisly miniatures of all! The one one the left is a right horror! 
(I never, ever smile in photographs, so you can see what a good day I was having.) 

Part three to come later.


  1. Great pics , especially the last one.

    1. Haha! I love that photo :) I blame the cameraman!

  2. Bloody, bloody awesome. Ridiculous levels of inspiration. Just in time for my new =I= warband ;)

    1. I've just seen that Mr. Phiq - he looks great.

  3. Thank you for getting more pictures and especially of John's new gang.

  4. Keep the coverage reports of this event coming. I'm loving every bit of them. Thanks!

    (Nice to put a "face to Fulgrim" too. ^_^ )

    1. Hehe - yeah, sorry for that: should have put a warning up :)

  5. What I liked about John's Gang other than them being John's Gang is his use of models.

    He has used the DV cultists and converted them up to make them strikingly different.

    The old slaves made from Plague Bearers were a total eye opener that John is great at. Taking a model and changing it to something completely different in a very simple way.

    The pitslaves bright flesh and that of the gun servitor really popped against the board.