November Inqvitational - Part 1, Blanchitsu.

Last weekend I attended my second excellent Inqvitational event at WHW organised by Molotov over at the Inq28 blog. I get a little awkward in large groups of people I don't know, so I was a little nervous when I got there  but once again everyone was really friendly and welcoming. The day was superb, opening with an enormous game of 28mm scale Inquisitor involving fifteen Inquisitors of the Dalthan Conclave fighting their way off a ship, and continuing in the afternoon with some smaller games. The amount of work that must have gone in to organising something as huge as this was pretty staggering, and Martin did us proud - the games were fantastic, and he and Daz did a great job of GMing and holding everything together. The standard of the miniatures and terrain were off the scale, it was such a treat seeing all these incredible scenes evolving before your eyes.

I'll post more about the games a little later on in a separate post, but first up some new Blanchitsu. John had brought some new miniatures along with him and had asked/invited me to take some shots for him and post them here. First up, his new Inquisitor and her bodyguard, the Temple Guardian (an absolute brute of a man converted from the new Forgeworld Angron miniature):

These were joined by a Penitent and a Death Cult Assassin, nice dynamic conversions these (I particularly like the DCA's hooves): 

Finally, and my favourite miniatures from the day, are the black marketeer Pratheus Bruul and his Beastmen bodyguards:

I really like the speckled skin on the beastmen, and the way that they contrast against the darker clothes of Bruul - that contrast of tones really makes Bruul the centrepiece of the gang (it's fairly obvious who the paymaster is in this relationship). The Grey Knight head looks great on the Witch Hunter miniature, too (something I might well pinch myself!)

In my second game of the day I was facing off against all of the above with my Arbitrator, his hound and a cherubim. I posted a quick snap of them before I boxed them up for transport last week, but here are a few better shots of them from the day:

Judge Ithamar Lot, surveying the fortress grounds. 

Vessel XIII on Avignon Primaris. 

As mentioned, the standard of the gangs was incredibly high: I wanted to give a brief mention to a new gang that had joined the Conclave and really caught my eye - these were by Dan Jones. I particularly liked the Inquisitor and the Penitent. Excellent miniatures, these.


  1. Great photos, always a pleasure to see more Blanche models!

    Your Judge is fantastic as well. :)

  2. Very nice. Your judge looks great. Though was it only he and a cherub versus the rest?

    Love that Pratheus Bruul by JB! But as for the DCA and friend... I can't place the original models...? Any clue there?

    And has Mr Dan Jones' Penitent peed his pants? Nice touch! haha

  3. Thanks guys.

    Haha! I'd not noticed that Mr.Phiq: it looks like he has. I hope it's not a trick of the light as it's pretty characterful.

    Yes, just my Judge, his cyber-mastiff (photos later from his game) and Vessel XIII. Bit of an upward struggle but it was a characterful game. Need to complete a bit of detail on their paint-jobs, but they're almost finished now.

    I'm unsure on the Penitent and the DCA, tbh. It looks like some scratch-building in there.

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    1. This looks pretty sinister now; like I've expunged Martin.

  5. O wow, JB's new offerings are pretty darn amazing. (Though I shudder at the thought of him chopping up such an expensive Angron mini...) Especially love the beastmen.

    Nice to finally see your own efforts in proper lighting mate. Judge's colours are nicely chosen and this angle really makes that headswap look great.

    Thanks for posting all this lovely stuff. Look forward to more.

  6. John's stuff is fantastic as usual.

    The Judge has nice colour scheme and the small conversion - like swapping the head - does the trick of making him stand out.

    Dan's minis were total rank outsider, a positive surprise so to speak, 'cos I hadn't seen them before.

    In overall, great photos and nice coverage!

  7. Thanks for the up-close rundown on Blanchitsu models. As always truly inspiring. I too like the Inquisitor; collar, colour, pose, facial expression. Very convincing (surprise). The female bodyguard is a great touch! The Vessel XIII is nice too :)

    Dan's models are really great.

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to part II!

  8. This all looks great! It's cheering me up immensely as I started feeling under the weather an hour or so back.

    John's female Inquisitor is absolutely fantastic (not that the other stuff isn't!!).

    Inspirational stuff. It's making me want to put brush to model on some stuff I've been avoiding starting as I wasn't sure where to go with them...

  9. Thanks guys.

    I was pretty chuffed with the head-swap, to be honest: it works so well due to being forced downwards by the way the collar and the rim at the back of the helmet sit together, this makes him appear to be looking at his auspex, carrying off the slightly odd pose.

    Anyway, thanks for all the comments, they help spur me on.

  10. The work from the great Mr.Blanche is astounding as usual...

    I've always adored his painterly approach to miniatures.

    I've wanted to loosen up my painting style for a long time, to let go of the "correct / 'Eavy Metal" approach to painting.

    I suppose I just find it a little intimidating.

    Your Arbitrator is looking fantastic, you say it needs a little more work, then I look forward to seeing it upon completion.

    And in Mr.Jones' gang which you showcased, I am really enamoured with the (sniper/tech priest?) miniature conversion.

    All in all, great post.

    Thank you for yet more inspiration.

    1. Cheers! I don't paint like John, as you can see, but my advice really would be to just give it a go. Sounds annoyingly simple, but I think that's pretty much just the crux of it. White undercoat, plenty of washes, don't be afraid to make a mistake, as ultimately there's no such thing, really - they're your models.

  11. Yep great stuff Fulgrim.. cheers for sharing mate.I love how he has chopped off the meretrix's head and given her a hat, brilliant.

  12. Wow Fulgrim! Thanks for the mention and pics! I'm glad you liked me stuff! Looking through your blog there is some really nice stuff here, I do want to see some more of the gang a few pages back, the llyhamien (sp!) looks fantastic, a really smooth converison!

    Thanks to all the guys commenting on my stuff! I think I better look at sorting a blogspot or word press jobby out.


    1. A pleasure Dan. Thanks very much - she's part of my workload for the winter.

      Yes, start a blog!

  13. Beautiful work !

    I want to do something very similar to my FW Dog Handler..
    What is the source of the helmet ?

    1. Thanks! Welcome to the blog. The head's from the Empire Greatswords kit.

  14. How was the skeleton with the wide brimmed hat made?