November Inqvitational - Part 2, Requiem.


Inquisitor Vendrake leading the mourning of Inquisitor Madine as she lies in stasis. 

Requiem aeternam dona eis, domine, Et lux perpetua luceat eis...

The words droned through the ship's corridors, echoing off the plasteel walls and cutting through the gloom. Velk's footsteps rapt sharply on the metal floor as he strode towards the antechamber the hapless Naval officer had pointed him to: 'So, they have begun without me'. 

The summons to Inquisitor Madine's requiem had been sent on an archaic channel, out of use for several decades even before Inquisitor Velk had been requisitioned into the Dalthan Concalve. Initially Velk had been convinced that the oversight was accidental: perhaps the use of this channel was kept specifically for events as awful as these. The Conclave had been in turmoil since Madine's horrific assassination and the immediate fall-out afterwards, including Velk's own run-in with the Heretic Helsmark, and protocol was not as it should be. Although, had it not been for the network of spies Velk had monitoring all transmissions within the sector, and the level of access invested in him by his role of Inquisitor, he would never have known that the ceremony was taking place at all.

Te decet hymnus Deus, in ecclissia, Et tibi reddetur votum in Tera...

Velk was now close enough to recognis Inquisitor Guidonis's voice: his thick Bathar accent mangling the sophisticated cadences of the High Gothic oratory. 'Stupid old man', he muttered to himself, quickening his stride 'Does he have no comprehension of what he's saying? This is no mere formality, and this is no way to honour the life of an Inquisitor as noble as Madine, may the Emperor preserve helr.' 

Exaudi orationem meam; Ad te omnis caro veniet...

The low light of the entrance to the antechamber lay ahead; candlelights flickered in the gloom as Velk strode past, his cape billowing behind him. Muttering a prayer to appease the machine spirits within, Velk entered the access code on the antechamber's door panel and awaited it's opening. In his distemper the harassed Inquisitor must not have sufficiently appeased the malcontent spite within the door's workings as it clunked opening with an enormous din, echoing into the gloom and startling the gathered throng within.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, domine, Et lux per-... DUNKhiss...

"What is the meaning of this!', spluttered Vendrakehobbling forward as fast as his callipered legs would allow: his eyes bulging, apoplectic with rage in his head, the colour of beetroot. 'I told you we were not to be disturbed!' 

Velk stepped into the room and with a slight bow of his head made the sign of the Aquila to the gathered Inquisitors: 'Requiem aeternam dona eis, Et lux per perpetua luceat eis', the words slid from his mouth with the fluid grace of a learned orator, several of the other Inquisitors repeated the last line with protocol, some almost in spite of themselves. 'My Lords, I apologise for my late arrival. Although perhaps it appears I was here just on time after all.'

'You! This is an outrage!' bellowed Helmsmark. 'You have no right to...'

'He has every right to be here, Helmsmark!' shouted Inquisitor Cassar, jumping to his feet.

'But him! No!' spat Vendrake, 'Why, he... He is the reason why Madine lies dead! It was his doing all along! You! You had her killed! Do you take us for fools!' 

Staggered, Velk began to protest his innocence - his slick oration momentarily failing him. His words were quickly drowned out by the bedlam that erupted: with such an open accusation each member of the Conclave leapt to their feet. Some began to shout their support for the opposing Inquisitors, whilst others tried to remind the arguing parties of where they were, the correct procedures to follow, the outrageousness of bandying accusations against their fellow Inquisitors, the equally outrageous act of turning a requiem into an internecine political act: the sanctuary fell into pandemonium. In the turmoil, the lifeless corpse of Madine was quickly forgotten.

Vendrake and Helsmark accuse Velk of Madine's' demise. 

Immediately factionalised by the baseless accusations, Inquisitors Auphid, Cassar and Balthier rush to Velk's aid. 

Benadice tries to regain some kind of order, although quickly finds herself embroiled in Wroth's rantings. 

Adorno and Guidonis throw their weight into the arguments.

With the requiem despoiled by the Inquisitors petty grievances and baseless accusations, tempers ran high amongst the throng: so preoccupied were they by their own politicking and fury, it was some time before the assembly heard the further, panicked, voice in the room, tinny and distant in the cloistered sanctuary: Admiral Vassar's voice rasped through the ship's internal intercom:

+Condition Omega. Hull breach in sector Ezekiel-seventeen. All crew prepare for hostile boarding+
+Condition Zeta-Three. Repeat, condition zeta-three.+ 
+May the Emperor Protect. Only in death does duty end+


  1. hahaha nice one Tim, great precursor

  2. Cheers guys. I wrote it really late last night so it's a bit clumsy - it could do with a serious edit. You get the general gist, though. Will write part 2 later.

  3. And that gist is awesome!

    Probably the best 'battle report' I have had the pleasure to follow. This and the others in the series.

    It would be awesome to get it all collected in publication once. With background stories, maps, pictures, etc.

    I look forward to the next part :)

    1. This is a great idea; I'll suggest it to Martin.

  4. Ha! Nice to get inside Velk's head some. A very nicely done read and fun to boot. Get working on that Part 2 already!

  5. Good read Tim. You're a bit hard on yourself!


  6. Great stuff Fulgrim! I'm glad that you gave the edgy voice for Cassar. I so knew he would be taking Velk's side :D