Tears of Isstvan.

The humble old Tears of Isstvan blog has been receiving a bit of attention of late. This weekend I passed my 19,000 viewer mark, my follower numbers have increased, and I've noticed that traffic has started to come from a variety of previously unknown sources. Initially, I put most of this down to my coverage of some Blanchitsu I'd been privy to, and my reports from the Yggdrassilium and Inqvitational games that I'd been invited to take part in. However, I've discovered it's not only been due to these articles: I've found my own witterings sparking debate on Australian painting forums about the future of miniature painting, being referenced on odd forums dotted around the margins of the hobby, and today I'm incredibly flattered to discover that I'd been nominated for a Liebster award by the formidable James S at Warp Signal. As this has followed on the heels of the extraordinary write-up from the Spiky Rat Pack 'golden age' blog round-up, I'm more than a little overwhelmed. 

I've been incredibly fortunate over the past year to not only befriend a hero, but have found myself becoming swept up in, and documenting, a genuine renaissance of miniature gaming, modelling, thinking and aesthetics alongside some of the finest practitioners in the world. I sometimes have to pinch myself that I've been charged with giving narratives to Jakob Nielsen's miniatures, spent afternoons talking to Andy Hoare about the machinations of various Inquisitorial factions, gamed on some of the most incredible terrain I've ever encountered, as well as meeting so many others whose work I'd admired on forums and blogs. 

When I first started Isstvan (or rather, when I shifted it into a blog about the culture of wargaming), I wasn't sure that there were many people left out there that would understand what I was trying to do, or appreciate my particularly skewed and somewhat selective perceptions. That these (often non-linear) meanderings have been so well received is really, genuinely humbling. In many ways, I'm not entirely sure what it is that people like about the blog: there's often so little of my own work in here (due to the slow haphazard progress I make in creating things), but I seem to be doing something right. I'm aware that the blog isn't a typical one: I don't churn out tutorials, or finished miniatures, or completed projects, or even necessarily clear or coherent thoughts. 

I don't even know exactly what it is sometimes, but I'm glad its being enjoyed. 

And thank you: the attention and appreciation for my thoughts and perceptions is gratefully received and I'm honoured that some people are finding something of worth in here to take with them elsewhere. 



  1. It is a well earned nomination and attention Fulgrim.

    Well earned because you have the ability to tap right into the core aesthetics of 40K and share your findings in a well written and highly intelligent way.

    I look forward to many more insights from you :)

  2. Word! What he said. And it makes good reading for when I'm tired of reading/writing tutorials!



  3. "I'm aware that the blog isn't a typical one: I don't churn out tutorials, or finished miniatures, or completed projects, or even necessarily clear or coherent thoughts."

    Thats one of the things I like about this blog!

    There are many others out there dealing with this sort of thing, but ToI goes into something else that 40K is about - the richness of the influences that make up the "feel" of the imperial background in 40K.

    I think that in addition to the "oldhammer" stuff thats been gathering pace, theres also a group out there that are pushing away from the mega battles that 40K has become and are looking for something smaller and more intimate, but in the same universe. Blogs such as this one act as a guide and informal community for people to follow and take ideas from.

  4. This blog oozes character..

    Its more of 40K mood blog than normal miniature blog.
    You are closest to blogging from 40 millennium Ive seen :>

  5. You're the wargamer's Ruskin, sorta :-P

  6. This is great, Tim. Made up for you, dude.

    I'm hoping some more of your modelling/gaming wisdom rubs off on me soon!

    If anyone is interested, mine own rubbishy attempt at blogging is here:


  7. Kudos Buddy, The recognition is well deserved. As other folk have has already alluded to, You are warhammer, in as much as everything you say has a believable weight and rich passionate history to it that is undeniably entertaining and the direction you take, the philosophy is always a treat, and often prescient or leftfield and certainly Original.

  8. Yours Is one of the best written and most interesting blogs around. I always look forward to a new post and am never dissatisfied. Your life in the imperium series especially.
    Any praise and recognition are well deserved. They should give you the editors job at white dwarf.

  9. It's been a great pleasure to follow your blog and getting even a sligh hint of what is storming in your mind is very inspiring. I encourage you to keep up the splendid job you've been doing.

  10. Thank you all, you've all been incredibly kind and make this blog so rewarding to write. The next couple of weeks are going to be slightly overwhelmingly busy (as has the last one), so updates will probably continue to be a little more erratic than they usually are. Real life has decided to get in the way with a particular vengeance so bear with me :)