Not dead - not sleeping.

Just logged on to write a brief 'sorry, I'm not dead' post in reply to a couple of very nice messages asking where I am, only to find that two other bloggers have had to do the same thing - am always slightly behind the curve! As expected, my professional life has been pretty full on this year, so I've had little time to concentrate on anything hobby related. Things should calm a little - albeit momentarily - in the next few weeks and then I hope to have some pretty interesting updates for you all.

Meanwhile, here's a quick snapshot from a recent meeting I partook in at Warhammer World... when painting styles collide... daemonettes by me, old man gang by John Blanche. More to follow when I get chance.


  1. Top o' the mornin' to ye.

    Indeed you have been a busy dude recently. Let me know when stuff calms down, and we'll sort something out / go to the pub etc.

  2. good to see these daemonetii - theres a pub here at WW - hurahh

  3. Very nice models and great picture. Hope to see a batrep soon.

  4. I would love to know how you got the effect on those daemonettes

    1. Sure thing. I'll put a post up about them later this week.

  5. Good to see you posting again!

    The contrast between your and JB's stile is fascinating. It really shows just how much variety and stiles there are. It's good to see these kinds of mixes to keep from going stale.

    Needless to say I hope to see more soon, especially from your aristo gang

  6. Thanks Alex. Am back in the real world again now, so the blog has my attention again.

  7. More posts are demanded by a deserving audience. :)