Arkke Retour - Finitum.

Navigatorri - Arkke Retour. 
Act I Scene 4 - Upon the heath, pyre's shadow. 

Michelle Duckworth, Ex Libris, 2012

Where three were four, 
Now four are five,
Thwarted our foes,
Skinned them alive.

Rescued the breth'ren,
Made him our kin,
Gifts for Pandorika,
Gifts for the King.

Praise to the 'illium,
Belov'd flesh tree,
Five now we are,
Where once we were three.


  1. Fennypygge fly like rats in the sky ........

  2. So, excuse my ignorance, but is this from something or do you write all this yourself?
    Either way, I absolutely love it. :)

    1. Thanks, Christian. This one is by me. Yesterday's is an adapted passage from Shakespeare (but I think everyone will know that, though).

      Today was the return to the Yggdrassillium ( - the two poems bookend the beginning and end of today's game from the perspective of my group.

      Stand by for a couple of enormous (less obscure) updates over the next few days.