Arkke Retour - i.

I'm not quite sure where to even begin with writing some kind of report of yesterday's events. As is usual for these meetings, I'm going to have to break things down into several sections to upload, if not least just for my own sanity and time, but also to enable me to begin processing everything as I sift through some 400 or so photos. Yesterday was extraordinary, and a real privilege to attend: by way of a more detailed explanation than we've given before, about a year ago, a small group of people - PDH, Neil101 and John Blanche - decided to start a small gaming group and invited myself and Jon Flindall to join. Developing the setting between the five of us, we formulated the idea of the Arkke, a vast Space Hulk and it's denizens; utilising a bastardised form of the Necromunda rules we created a small smattering of gangs. The first game on board the Arkke - the Yggdrassilium Pilgrimage - took place last October (the reports on which begin here). Following a second related game in February, yesterday saw a return to the area of the Arkke around the Yggdrassiliumm tree, home of the Pandoricalle, and a pilgrimage site.

The Arkke.

John Blanche had brought along his coterie of buzzmenne and malcontents, which you can see in this month's White Dwarf; Jon Flindall had brought his Cult of the True Journey, religious zealots on pilgrimage to the Pandoricalle; and I had brought my trinity - Hephestus, Mordekei and Lod - who go by a number of names: The Cult of Pure Form, The Keeper of the Name, Legio; devolved Navigators or simply spite-witches. Neil had eschewed his last gang, the Illium, as he wasn't too happy with them, creating a new gang, the Mouldii Wapps: these miniatures were absolutely incredible and probably my high point of a vertiginously high day.

We had thought Peter was also bringing his Cultists, but he had been working his socks off in secret and had enlisted the help of an enormous number of gamers and modellers around the world including Tammy ofTears of Envy, Jakob Nielsen, Kari and Mikko from Spiky Rat Pack, Migs, Hammer and Northern, Stefan from FPOA, Bruticus, KrautScientist of Eternal Hunt, and so many others - even Jon Flindall's fiancĂ©e - that I'm bound to have forgotten someone until Peter sends me a list through. They had all sent NPCs and inhabitants of the Arkke to take part in the game and harry our gangs. However, not only were these miniatures to be used on our game - they were also being donated as a gift to John himself as a thanks for the years of inspiration and vision that John's provided. It was incredible - not only as a gesture, but also in the fact that so many people had been beavering away all over the world in secret on such a cool project, and giving us the process of seeing so many radically different painting and modelling styles on one table simultaneously. It was pretty humbling, really, but felt like a thoroughly appropriate gesture of thanks to John's generosity, warmth and humour.

Anyway, moving on to some photos: to begin, I'll show some quick photos of everyone's gangs and some detail shots of some miniatures before moving on later to a couple of other posts outlining the events of the game and some other parts of the day (including everyone's donated miniatures):

Neil's Mouldii Wapps

Hephestus, Mordekei and Lod beneath the boughs of the Yggdrassilum.

Jon's Cult of the True Journey

JB's buzzmenne.
(I'll have to confess, I didn't get many good shots of JB's gang yesterday, so John sent me these this afternoon; a shame not to have a group shot on the Arkke from this month, but plenty of action shots later). 

And for some individual shots, here is some excellent Blanchitsu: the first is a Wyrd based on the ever popular Cairn Wraith miniature. I love this version, the ivory robes are a real beauty. The following two are members of John's gang. The skull detailing on the visor is amazing, and I love the addition of the reliquary on the drill-wielder's stomach.  

The following are Jon Flindall's: again, another miniature based on the Cairn Wraith. I think this might be one of my favourites - and I think the first I've seen with legs! The chain-blade oar is a particularly lovely 40k touch. It's a stunning miniature this. The second I really like as it's so simple: I think it's a simple head-swap conversion, but the pose, the components, the painting - all so excellent that they really make this chap stand out. The Dark Vengeance cultists are a convertor's dream, really.

Also present, although not taking part in the game was this stunner - a great conversion by John Blanche. Regardless of the dystopian nature of 40k, too often gamers like their female miniatures to be both attractive and exceed in combat - John's instead decided to build some real old hags, of which this is a sneak peak. Her mouldy furs and checkerboard patterned bodysuit are real JB trademarks - but the wires down the side of her head are so skilfully executed. I love this model.

Right - tonnes more to follow later on. Hopefully this evening, but the sun's shining for the first time in six month's in London, so I need to head outside - pray I don't crumble to dust.


  1. Yes bloodii marvelez dae , huge thank you to Peter for organizing the event, with special thanks to all the amazing overseas participants who sent models to participate on the day.. its was a complete surprise ! and everyone was floored by the quality and generosity shown .. so much thanks .. really made my day cheers guys and gals . really looking forward to seeing and reading the rest Tim , i dont envy you your task though .. its herculean !

    1. Dude, love that Ratskin Chieftain conversion with the huge maul and iron helm.

    2. Thanks Mr Phiq , I do like him , he is very traditionally posed , but the ratskins are wonderful things are they not.

      no metals were used in these though , not for want of trying nmm, just because i didn't really have time haha , so glad it looks like metal, just washes ..

  2. twas an honorable deathe - rust in pieces now brother scrapers ......the arkke must have turned sideways threw the warp allowing manyfold enemies to crush the pilgrymmagge .....

  3. Quite a promising first entry in your coverage of the game! With such fantastic models everyhwere, it must truly have been a blast! Between John's fantastic stuff, that brilliantly evocative Mouldii Wapps and the stunning blue of the Cult of the True Journey, it's really hard to choose a favourite. Fortunately, I don't have to: I'll just call them all brilliant! And the board deserves a generous helping of gushing praise as well, of course...

    Anyway, I'm hungry for more ;)

    1. Thank you so much for sending your Model, it sat perfectly within the ygg, as i said to peter on the day , you guys did the ygg better than us ha ha ha.. roll on next time.. so inspiring !

    2. The pleasure was all mine, Neil! I really tried my best to make Legion's base look like a part of the Arrke, and I am extremely happy that it seems to have worked!

  4. So inspiring as always! Roll on part 2....

  5. Good start Tim. The only reason I come along is to get to read about it on here for days after.

    I am just venturing onto my memory card....only 105 pictures. Glad you guys got a couple more ;-)

    The list isn't as long as you think - lady first:

    Stefan (The Other Stefan - Krauty Baby)
    Stefan (The Other Stefan - FPOA)
    Jussi - Northen
    Marko - Hammer
    Miklu - Migs

    I will twist Bruticus' arm for next time because I am pretty sure that he would fit perfectly in that list and the Ygg for that matter. I'd also love to ask Turska but will have to get to know him better because his Xenos are brilliant. This list could go on and on so will leave it there.

    Tim - The Family were looking mighty fine in their now golder finery. I hope to see you convert the other Chaos Sorcerer into the latest addition now that they have a Navigator of the Thirlwell House in their midst.

    Jon's cult also got a bit of a spruce up since last times rushed finish. The checkers and the litanies are lovely on these guys.

    For the last few months I have had Spikey Boys, Tears Of Envy, Krauty and Jakob's models above my desk and it was a sad parting on Friday night.... but its ok I have replaced them with Neil's Mouldii Wapps that blew my socks off when I saw them. They are looking amazing just next to my monitor and above my painting table. Happy Times and I'm not sure I will be able to give them back to him;-)

    Things I am looking forward to seeing here are the cultist getting onto the boat and just more of your fantastic writings. Also looking forward to seeing the guest miniatures again because I miss them.


    1. I am already cogitating the next outing ., must.... resist... designing... a.. new board ....

  6. "Inspiration overload" is the best term I can come up with to summarize this post.