Arkke Retour - iii.

As the Arkke slips back into real space, the boughs of the Yggdrassilliume shiver and rattle in the wind.
Hearing it's clarion call, their scrying confirmed, Hephestus and Lod emerge from their hovel in the Amphitheatre of Silence.
The Mangii Touts, having sought the aid of a witch in order to guide them along the pilgrim route emerge from the sunken hand cart tracks.
The Cult of the True Journey emerge on the far side of the sump seeking the wisdom of the Pandoricalle.
Making progress into the gloom of the Arkke, the buzzmenne discover they are not alone. The lone fighter seems lost and bewildered. Edgy and trigger happy, the buzzmenne despatch the poor soul on sight. 
Advancing unseen, the Cult make their way across the sump. 
The gangers of the Mouldii Waarps lay eyes on a warrior god clad in armour of pale purple, inlaid with gold. His heavily armoured proportions vast and distorted like those of a giant. 
 The beautiful and terrifying vision sows blind panic and discord amongst the Mouldii Waarps, scattering them back to the pontoons of the sump. 

 Careering along the destroyed track on a knackered hand cart, several buzzmenne thugs are scattered as the cart crashes to an abrupt halt. Before their wits can be gathered the armoured giant passes through the battered gangers as a ghost or vestigial memory of the Arkke's past lives. Truly this place is cursed. 

Passing by long-forgotten charnel houses, the Mangii Touts wyrd is enthralled by a beauteous vision emerging from the sump mists.

Meanwhile, Hephestus and Mordekei press their hands into the dirt of the Arkke, their combined mental concentrations propelling Lod into savage combat with an interloper, set to bring darkness to the boughs of the Yggdrassillium tree. 

 Having been scattered back to the rickety sump pipe bridges, the Mouldii Waarps engage in combat with the Cult of the True Journey - their distinctive blue robes shining in the gloom. Duelling on the slippery pipes is precarious and savage indeed. The Cult zealot is thrust from the bridge, falling awkwardly into a vessel commandeered by more of the cult, overbalancing the craft and knocking it's passenger into the filthy mire.  

The growing commotion aboard the Arkke brings other ne'er do wells into the area - some using the cover of the arga barga to pass by unnoticed, others for more nefarious reasons. 
Stryderre, banished and ancient fighter emerges seeking revenge on those who cursed him to a life of hell alone in the treacherous depths of the Arkke. 
Legion, Legion, he is many; Legion, Legion he is one. 
Taking advantage of the chaos emerging outside, Legion bursts from an abandoned service tunnel to try to break through the Arkke. 
Hephestus surveys the interlopers emerging from their holes, scanning the interlopers trying to ascertain who poses the greatest threat to the Pandoricalle. In the mire Hephestus notices the faint tang of one of his bretheren on the air - the scrying pool has not lied. 
With the Shippe hanging in real space, a Medicant Priest transports aboard, staggered and outraged by the carnage and debauchery within. 
From the relative safety of his pontoon, the Mouldii Waarps's Bone Witch seeds discord amongst the hated Mangii Touts. The gasmasked loons, now rallied, jeer and howl as the opposing gangers break. 
Rampaging from the carnage, the vast bulk of the Metalispinax servitor comes crashing through the once hallowed chambers. 

Enthralled, the Legion Tech-Adept is drawn toward the ancient and revered creature. 
Taking advantage of the escalating discord as pilgrim day reaches it's apex, Mother Head drops from above, taking pop shots at the Cult of the True Journey as she makes a dash toward the Yggdrassillium, site of her ire.  

The Cult leader tries in vain to halt the slow progress of the Mouldii Waarps outriders. 
Appearing again, as if on a loop, the gilded giant begins his slow passage through the processual corridor of the Arkke, scattering the Cult scouts before him. 
Unperturbed, her hatred of the Yggdrassil far outweighing even the terror induced by the armoured giant, Mother Head breaks for the base of the tree. 
Enraged and delighted in equal measure by the carnage about her, the Yggdrassill spreads it's roots into the depths of the Arkke, seeking to sup of the blood of the fallen. 
Unable to break free from the lure of the sump Siren, the Mouldii Waarps enlisted wyrd edges ever closer toward the bank of the Sump. 
The Yggdrassil shudders in delight as it's roots are enriched by the fallen. 

As the Mendicant Priest engages with the Mangii Touts, the Yggdrassil roots lashing at all combatants, a deep wailing noise reverberates along the edges of the world as the Arkke slips back into the Empyrean. The sounds of prayer, dread and battle resonate in the hearts of all aboard the craft, shattering hope and distracting combatants.
As the sounds slowly begin to recede, the Mangii Touts take advantage of the Priest's weakness, slaying him and feeding his corpse to the Ygg roots. 
Finding his prey, Stryderre rushes the buzzmenne and tears them apart - leaping in a frenzy from fighter to fighter. 

The steersman of the Cult engages with the leader of the Mouldii Waarps, the horrifying form of the Metalispinax looming in the distance, panicked and seemingly fleeing.
Legion emerges from the gloom, shadowing the Metalispinax. 
Enraged by the audacity of Mother Head's coup, Hephestus summons all his mental strength, reaching out and lifting a vast cloud of debris from the wreck of the Arkke floor, thrusting them into her back and stopping her advance. 

Buoyed by the death of Mother Head, and drinking of the slaughter, the roots of the Yggdrassil spread further than ever before. 

Speeding along the tracks of the Hand cart ruins, Hanin, legendary Sump Huntress emerges into the pilgrimage antechamber - her sights set firmly on her prey, the Metalspinax.   

Far above the Yggdrassil, the roosting gloom skull seizes the opportunity to attack, blinding various fighters and unleashing it's hatchlings into the Arkke. 

The binary screams of the gloomskulls awaken nests of feral servo-skulls, scurrying into the mire to claim their foe. 

Lod looks on as the rival Wyrd is drawn to his death in the foetid waters of the sump, his vestigial arms shivering involuntarily in delight. 

Sensing his foe is momentarily distracted, the gloomskull hatchling takes the opportunity to strike, blinding Lod in the process. Displacing himself away from the assault, Lod snese the close presence of the bretheren, Navigator Thirwell, stumbling lost through the gloom. As one, Mordekei and Lod turn and begin marching toward the site of the psychic disruption. 

With the psychic energies reaching a fever pitch, a great hulking beast lurches from the darkness, it's scrying mirror visage and psychic shield hood transmitting waves of nausea through the throng of witches. The great living coffin and mummified corpse of a fallen psyker, it's soul bound as ancient and living war engine rampaging toward the site of the distrubance. 

 Sickened by the living weapon, Mordekei strengthens his resolve to fell the great beast, summoning all his psychic reserves in defence. With the frenzy of psychic chanting reaching an crescendo, Mordekei opens his cloak to face the beast, his skin a mottled sea of a thousand eyes opening to allow the power of the warp to seep through into the Arkke. Malefic creatures aroused by the great surge of power slip into the ship attacking all in their way. 

Steadfast in his goal, Lod lurches at the lost Navigator, knocking him to the floor, and throwing him over his vast shoulder. 
'We were once as you are, you shall be as we. Come brother. Home we go.'

 Awakened by the psychic maelstrom outside, the Pandoricalle emerges from her hovel, relishing in the franzy and bloodlust outside, marvelling at the invigorated Yggddrassil tree.  
 Stepping from the bloodied boughs of the Ygg, the Pandoricalle retires with the Navigatorii into the Amphiteatre of Silence. The binding ritual of the Sun King to be enacted upon their captured prey as outside the carnage rages unabated and the screams etch into the night. 


  1. Simply glorious! I'm very nearly lost for words!

    Thanks for systematically walking us through the game! It must have been almost unbearably fantastic for those present ;)

    1. Stefan, it was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sending your miniature - we were all knocked sideways to see these incredible things appearing all over the board. Absolutely brilliant - I can't thank you enough.

    2. Like I said to some of the other guys, you're very welcome -- wouldn't have missed participating in this for the world ;)

      Actually, I have a favour to ask: Since the picture of Legion further up in your post is pretty much my favourite picture of him/it/them so far, would it be okay for me to use it in a blog post of my own?

    3. Yes, certainly! I'll be linking to your blog later this week, too. Your step-by-step building post is great.

  2. Who's is the Clawed Fiend conversion? Very cool, very 'Invaders from Mars', you need a Metalunan Mutant to go with it!

    1. Bloodi hell! Thanks for stopping by, Jes - I'm honoured. Your drawings have kept me enthralled for years.

      The Living Coffin is (I think) Mikko Spiky Rat Pack's, although Peter will be able to confirm this later on. It's incredible, isn't it? Later this week I'll post up shots of all the individual miniatures sent to us from round the world. An amazing day. Am staggered by everyone's generosity of time and spirit.

    2. Always loved that mini! So when this opportunity appeared I knew I had to use him to create this cool future monster with 50's vibes in it. It kinda suits in very well with this concept of Arkke traveling through the Warp, bending time and space as it goes!
      Another good reason was that John once told me you don't like the idea of people converting your creations ;)

  3. its mikko's jes - ill bring it along tomorrow - mikko and kari's miniatures are both based on some bloak's sculpting at citadel ....

  4. That is a great write up Tim , thoroughly enjoyed reading that. And a deserving equal to the high calibre of miniatures and huge effort put in by all contributors involved mate.

    I often say stupid things when confronted with my art heroes... But bloddii ell seems appropriate.

    1. Yeah, seems like you guys are making quite a splash -- and rightly so, I might add ;)

  5. This is just beyond mind boggling...the phenomenal setting, the scope...the story and the characters drawn out of resin and plastic and set to live in this world of full blown oddness.

    I love it and am seething with jealousy at the skill, the story etc etc

  6. Wow. This simply oozes the look, feel and essence of 40K. Absolutely love it. Inspiring stuff!


    1. By the way, I've put a link and a pic from your site on my blog - hope you don't mind...

    2. Thanks Anthony, that's what we're striving for, so that means a lot.

      And yes, I noticed that yesterday - praise indeed! Thank you so much :)

  7. Good lord that was rather epic.

    Once again, Beautiful writing to match some wonderful images.

    (And to reach the attentions of venerable Jes on top of the already attendant JB - you sir are far more honoured than I. Congrats indeed.)

  8. Wow, you chaps are killing it. Looks like this is starting to grow into something more...

    Who owns the Scottish hairspray chain-scythe wielder? That dude's great.

    1. Cheers Mr. Phiq. He's Peter's - I've got some better photos of him to come (including his banner-bearer attendant, which i don't think is included in the photos above).

  9. All this wonderful weirdness, just awesome. Looks like it was epic fun. Wish I could have been there and see all this live. Maybe you could do a live-stream for one of your future events? ;)

    1. Such a great idea..Well it was almost live ..We had several participants online live via JB's data-slate receiving updates in real time.., which was most cool .. we have tentatively discussed the idea of a real-time game so all participants could actually play .. but it would need some serious mechanicus tech support to pull it off properly ..

  10. Always a great pleasure to read your stories and watch the pictures as it unfolds :)

    Very inspirational, the kind of stuff that makes you want to chain yourself to your workstation and just create, convert and paint :)



    1. Believe me - the others put me to shame with their insane levels of productivity.

      A pleasure to put this out there for everyone, though - thanks for commenting.

  11. That was an epic read, you truly blew my expectations away. Thank you very much for sharing this with us!

  12. Amazing report, décors and figures! I ll be proud to send a gift to JB and participate undirectly to your epic game the next time ;)

  13. What a truly awe inspiring write up, the models, setting, pictures, narrative; its completely mind blowing!

    Thank you so much for sharing this and to all the people who helped make it happen!