The art of Schwager.

A nice echo-chamber today: I thought I'd bring to your attention a couple of pages of sketches by Christian Schwager that I really like - some Imperial personalities and a larger piece of a Bratt inspired by the images from my Confrontation post last week. The smaller pieces remind me of Dave Gallagher's sketches in the Blood on the Reik art-book: each concept seeps personality - I particularly like the Imperial Nobles.

Handily, Christian has paid careful attention to available bits, meaning that these concepts could easily be realised as miniatures.

Christian's other work can be seen here: and here:

I really like the female Kislevite Pirate in the sketchbook section of his online portfolio. Great stuff.


  1. Whoa, these are tight. Right proper Blanchiness. Excellent stuff!

  2. Nice! That gave me a few ideas...

  3. Slashed sleeves and studded boots never go out of fashion... :-D

  4. Yep wicked these , they remind me of Mr Blanches work on confrontation and the spiky rat art too....with a healthy dose of JRN mixed in to boot.. top draw stuff

  5. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I came to visit this blog today.
    Thank you very much for the feature, Fulgrim... and everyone else for your kind comments.